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Wild over Wildseed

Updated: May 11, 2022

Wildseed is a relatively new plant-based dining experience with locations in Palo Alto and San Francisco. This review is for their location at the Town & Country Shopping Center in Palo Alto. Wildseed is a foodie haven for vegetarians and vegans with a phenomenal menu full of fresh, flavorful and 100% plant based ingredients. The interior is modern and upscale and the large tropical mural at the back of the restaurant gives the ambience a very fresh and airy feel to it.

The interior

We came here for a Mothers Day dinner and fell in love with the whole experience, including the service, which was top notch. We usually shy away from "Vegan" restaurants as many items in the menu cater to folks who prefer fake meat. But this was not the case with Wildseed. We were blown away with everything we ordered and by mid meal, we had decided we will come back here to celebrate Fathers Day.

We started our dinner with a couple of 0% ABV drinks (we are teetotalers). Hubby's Passion Tea was so pretty to look at, and tasted yummy, but not too sweet with hibiscus-infused black tea, passion fruit and lemonade.

Passion Tea

I ordered the Beet soda, then began to have second thoughts if it may turn out too sweet. My worries were put to rest when it arrived, as it had the right mix of sweet and tartness as the seltzer and grapefruit juice cut out the sugar in the drink. We didnt miss the fact that the straws were made of steel and reusable - major brownie points to Wildseed for that!

Beet soda

For appetizer, we order the Meze plate. Little did we know it was a meal by itself! It consisted of tabouli mixed with green falafel, a crispy flatbread, marinated feta cheese, hummus and baba ghanoush. The marinated cheese was the best of the lot, and we couldnt believe it was made of coconut milk!

Mezze plate

After the huge order of appetizer, we decided to split a burger between us. They had two burger offerings - an impossible burger (ie. in my vocabulary, a fake meat burger) and the Wildseed burger which consists of a mushroom and spinach patty. We hit jackpot yet again with our selection. The burger itself was moist, but didnt disintegrate, and the caramelized onions added extra flavor to it. Even their curry-like ketchup tasted delicious with the crispy fries.

Wildseed burger

The icing on the cake was the service which was quick and attentive. This has become rare these days, with restaurants struggling to keep up with the sudden increase in their clientele, post-covid. So we enjoyed the attention from the wait staff.

In summary, this restaurant has put some real thought into their menu and preparation to attract the ominvore and the carnivore alike, without substituting meat with tofu, as seen in many other restaurants. We will definitely come back here, but will ensure to come with a bigger appetite, to try out all the other items on the menu. All in all, I give this restaurant a whopping and rare 4.5 stars!

Reservations highly recommended!!


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