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Once Upon a Dosa

Updated: Sep 30, 2023

Once Upon a Dosa is a new cloud/ghost kitchen which recently popped up in San Jose. This joint puts a twist to the traditional dosa by serving it in the form of waffles with unique toppings.

Being a self-proclaimed “dosa nazi”, I was apprehensive to try this spot, but played along to please the daughter. I was pleasantly surprised by the overall taste. As expected, the waffle version wasnt as crisp as the dosa, but the toppings were good, including the coconut chutney. 4 out if 5 Solara-stars, with 1 star deducted for the soft waffles.

This was the best - chole and potato topping with coconut chutney on the side.

I think my taste buds and eyes were in conflict - how can what looks like a waffle taste like delicious, well fermented dosa (leaning towards adai taste) ?

Katta-Meeta paneer topping - wasnt too crazy about this.

Dosa waffle sandwich (waffawich) with chilli cheese stuffing and coconut chutney on the side - was yummy!


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