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Burma Taste, Sunnyvale

Updated: Nov 30, 2023

Burma Taste, located in downtown Sunnyvale, off Murphy street, dishes up vegetarian-friendly Burmese cuisine. Although spacious, with indoor and outdoor seating, and quick service, none of the dishes really stood out. We did the mistake of ordering our salad, soup and main entree all at once. So all 3 courses were brought out at the same time! So by the time we finished our salad, the soup had become lukewarm. and by the time we finished our soup, the entree had gotten cold. This is plain common sense for the server to stagger bringing out the dishes. We also found all what we ordered to be a tad bit on the salty side and nothing really stood out. Hence rating this restaurant 2.5 out of 5 Solara Stars.


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Here’s what we ordered:

👍Tea Leaf Salad - pretty decent, but couldnt taste the tanginess of the tea leaf.


🆗Samosa Soup - this tasted delicious, but was lukewarm as mentioned above.

Samosa Soup

👎Kebat with coconut rice - was cold by the time we got to it. The vegetables were covered in soy sauce, and didnt have much taste otherwise.


Give this restaurant a skip. But if you do decide to go, make sure you order your dishes one at a time!!


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