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Binging at Broadway Masala

Updated: Jun 21, 2022

This unassuming, quiet but upscale restaurant in downtown Redwood City packs a punch when it comes to fusion Indian food. As a Michelin Reviewed/Recommended restaurant, our expectations were quite high. We liked everything about this place - the service was very attentive, drink were perfect and the dishes we ordered were top notch.

We went on a Sunday evening, and although we made reservations for a table of 6, the restaurant was half empty when we arrived. Our waiter did a great job suggested dishes as per our liking and service was very swift. Below are some of the dishes we liked and recommend :

The restaurant stands at the corner of Broadway Ave in Redwood City

The cocktails arrived on time and were delicious - Mango Mojito mocktail, Lychee Martini and Reverse Manhattan.

The puchka chaat used white peas ragda as a filling, which was a nice twist from the usual dahi puri chaat.

The orange and beets salad with a generous sprinkling of feta cheese tasted fresh.

These were not your usual paneer tikka cubes, as they were covered with pesto sauce made of, believe it or not, curry leaves!

Main course consisted of rich and creamy Malabar chicken (left), sweet and tangy fig and walnut curry (center), and simple saag (right)

We ended the evening with chocolate molten cake and warm gulab jamun in honey syrup

All in all, I give Broadway Masala 4 SolaraStars out of 5, due to its excellent service and innovative food that slightly deviates from the norm, without losing its authenticity.


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