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Goat Yoga is a great way to destress, combining light physical activity (yoga) with some fun (baby goats). Lemos Farm in Half Moon Bay offers goat yoga sessions every Saturday and Sunday morning. The sessions are an hour long and you sign up on their website. They even host private events and birthday parties for this activity.

The yoga session itself is instructor led and held in a barn with 15-20 super cute baby goats (kids) roaming freely. You are asked to bring along a yoga mat, but bring an old one which you can dispose off afterwards, as the goats pee and poop everywhere, including on your mat ( I did not see them do so on people, however).

Although the yoga poses are easy and for beginners, it was hard for us to concentrate or be mindful, with the cute goats roaming around you. At one point, I just gave up doing yoga and just enjoyed the attention I was receiving from these babies. There is a yoga assistant who helps with photo ops by coaxing the goats to climb on you by laying treats on your back while doing the cat-cow pose.

At the end of the yoga session, you get multiple opportunities to hold the goats for some Instagram gratification.

Word of Caution : Goats love to nibble on your hair or anything that is hanging. So do not wear any jewelry and tie your hair in a tight bun, or better still, hide it under a cap. At the end of our session, I found bits of my hair lying on my mat. Ended up getting an unwanted hair trim of sorts :-)

All in all, its a great family weekend activity, and its double the fun if doing it with girlfriends.


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