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A Slice of Provence In The Bay Area

Updated: Jul 23, 2022

While the Dixon sunflower fields have become a mainstream photo-opportunity, there is another less popular flower field that is equally worth the hype. About an hour north of San Francisco, near Santa Rosa is Monte-Bellaria Lavender Farm. They primarily use their acres of fresh lavender to make essential oils, fragrances, and culinary products, but during high bloom season they are open for photography. High bloom season is from June 18-July 31 (in 2022), and tickets must be booked in advance online to reserve your spot.

Tickets are for pre-paid time slots of 75 minutes, and cost $20 per adult and $10 per child. Tickets sell out fast so make sure to book your time slot well in advance (We booked 6 weeks in advance). Whats great about this process is that the fields are never crowded and you can confidently click your pictures without fear of someone photo-bombing them.

Pro Tip: Book the first or last timeslot available in the day, as the sun gets very harsh during midday and creates unwanted shadows in your pictures.

They have specific areas in the fields where you can stand to take the best photos and they sell fresh bouquets of lavender to pose with, as well as changing tents for any wardrobe changes. The fields provide a great backdrop for family photos, grad pics, or any other occasion. And don't forget to bring a few props to make your pictures more fun!

During your time slot, they also offer a quick tour of the lavender farms where they explain how they grow the lavender and what they use it for. The folks running the farm are very strict with the rules : they keep a close eye on everyone to ensure no one walks between the rows of lavender or pluck/cut/harm the flowers. Walking between the lavender rows is also a safety hazard, as the ground is uneven and there are thousands of bees buzzing around the flowers. When your time is up, the farm workers ring a loud bell indicating you to vacate the property to make way for the next batch.

>> Got a question about Monte-Bellaria Lavender Farms that you need answered quickly? DM me on Instagram @SolaraStills and I’ll be happy to help! I only accept DMs from followers, so hit the follow button before sending.


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