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A Night Of Luxury At Palm Court

Updated: Sep 30, 2023

The Palm Court at RH San Francisco is a special occasion restaurant that offers a truly luxurious dining experience. The restaurant is located in the historic Bethlehem Steel Building, in the gentrified industrial area of Dogpatch. This is one of three upscale restaurants by RH in the Bay Area, the other two being in Marin and Napa.

The beautiful Bethlehem Steel Building in Dogpatch

This venue is not just about the upscale restaurant, but is also an RH furniture gallery, and hence provides numerous photo ops throughout the five levels of the building. Every corner provides an opportunity to pose for a picture and there are tons of beautiful furniture pieces on different floors to check out. Floor to ceiling mirrors, sculptures at every turn and plush sofas will make you want to live here forever! My daughter and I had a field day bringing out our inner models in each room. This is an excellent venue for an all-girls dinner.


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The grand staircase that welcomes you at the entrance

The hallway of chandeliers

Wish this were my living room!

A study fit for a king!

Artwork of all shapes and sizes

The light in every room was just perfect for photos

One of the numerous bars

Once done with our photoshoot, we moved on to the restaurant. We had made reservations over a month ago on OpenTable. The atmosphere at The Palm Court Restaurant is simply stunning. The dining room is decorated in a luxurious style, with cascading fountains, towering date palms, and glimmering chandeliers. The restaurant is also very spacious, so you don't feel crowded. The palm trees inside the atrium bring in a ton of natural light adding a bit of warmth to the lux feeling of Calcutta gold marble and sleek furniture.

The restaurant atrium

The menu choices for vegetarians is very limited in this restaurant. Hubby and I would not have selected this restaurant, if not for my daughter, who is a meat eater, whose birthday we were celebrating, so we wanted it to be special. The menu features American cuisine with a focus on live-fire cooking, and the wine list is extensive. All dishes were beautifully presented and looked appetizing. Here's what we ordered :

For drinks, they didnt have any choice of mocktails or cocktails, other than the house special, RH bellini, which the daughter ordered.

The bubbly Bellini

Truffle fries : It is hard to mess up with shoestring fries, but somehow the fries tasted stale and lacked any flavor. It came with a cream sauce on the side. We had to ask for ketchup to tolerate the taste.

Truffle fries

Charred Baby Peppers : The colorful roasted peppers dipped in a balsamic glaze were flavorful and delicious.

Charred Baby Peppers

Maitake mushroom: was satisfied with the potatoes at the bottom, but slightly disappointed by the bland mushrooms on top. The sauce that came with the truffle fries would have been a good edition to this dish. The potatoes were good, but mushroom needed more flavor. It was just sprinkled with parmesan.

Maitake Mushrooms

Cauliflower Steak : This was surprisingly good. Although it was just a head of cauliflower, with greens on the side, the cauliflower was delicious and quite enjoyable.

Cauliflower Steak

Hearth Burger : The burger was juicy, flavorful and filling.

Hearth Burger

For dessert, they brought out birthday ice cream for my daughter, which was nothing but vanilla ice cream topped with sprinkles. We thought for an upscale restaurant such as this, they could have done better with the complimentary birthday offering.

Birthday dessert

The service at The Palm Court left much to be desired. Since the dining room was very large, it was very hard to get our waiters attention and had to ask multiple times for condiments and water.

After finishing dinner, we headed to the rooftop to take in the views of the city and the harbor. The opulence of the building continued on the rooftop with plush seating and firepits to keep one warm during the cold San Francisco nights and for those Insta-worthy shots.

Rooftop bar

With the Bay Bridge in the distance

Overall, I was very pleased with the ambiance, which totally blew me away. I didnt care for the food as a vegetarian, but this place is popular for its vibe, and not necessarily for the food. I would recommend this restaurant experience for a special occasion, but advise keeping your food expectations low.

Here are some tips for dining at The Palm Court:

  • Make a reservation in advance, especially if you are planning to go on a weekend night.

  • Dress in semi-formal attire.

  • Come during the early evening hours for the best lighting. The natural light from the windows makes for beautiful photos.

  • Use the props to your advantage. The fountain, the date palms, and the chandeliers are all great props for photos.

  • Be creative. Don't be afraid to experiment with different angles and poses.

I hope you enjoy your dinner at The Palm Court!


>> Got a question about this restaurant that you need answered quickly? DM me on Instagram @SolaraStills and I’ll be happy to help! I only accept DMs from followers, so hit the follow button before sending.



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