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Banana Leaf dining experience at Tirupati Bhimas

Updated: Oct 20, 2021

Eating on a banana leaf is a tradition followed by South Indians during festival and auspicious days. There are numerous health benefits from eating on a banana leaf, using only your fingers. The leaf is packed with antioxidents which aid in digestion. Along with it being eco-friendly and hygenic, the food is extremely favorful when eaten hot on a banana leaf.

Tirupati Bhimas in Milpitas, CA, offers this banana leaf lunch experience on a handful of occasions such as Onam Sadya, Pongal, Tamil New Year, Navaratri and Deepavali. We look forward to it every year, as it reminds us of the life back home and the times when family would come together over a meal. The Onam Sadya meal is characterized by the Kerala Red Rice or Matta Rice, accompanied by various Keralite side dishes. For all of the other occasions, the menu follows Tamilian cuisine, with the usual sambar, kootu, rasam and vada. Year after year, the food never disappoints, and each morsel is literally finger-lickin’ good!


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