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Chasing Waterfalls At Uvas Canyon

Updated: Jan 23, 2023

Location : Uvas Canyon County Park, Morgan Hill, CA.

Parking : $6 reservation needs to be made prior to visiting the park at

Parking fee will be refunded a week or two after you complete your visit.

Trail type : Loop

Trail Length : 5.6 miles

Elevation Gain : 1600 ft

Difficulty : Moderate

Trails traversed : Waterfall Loop > Contour Trail > Alec Canyon Trail > Swanson Creek Trail

Post-hike pit stop suggestion : Mr.Mojito JF Bar & Grill, Almaden Expressway, San Jose.

Uvas Canyon county park is popular throughout the year for various reasons. During summer, it is sought after by local families and scout troops for its campsites nestled amongst the towering redwoods. In the winter months, especially during a wet season, the park features numerous waterfalls of varying sizes. Obviously, it is best to visit this park immediately after a couple of rains. However, due to Covid, park authorities have been trying to curtail the foot traffic within the park by enforcing parking reservations. These reservations get booked weeks in advance, especially for weekend timeslots. So plan your trip early. And with any luck it would have poured prior to your visit.

The waterfall loop starts right next to the parking lot. The trail climbs uphill and very soon you start passing one waterfall after another, the first of which is Granuja Falls, which can be viewed from a foot bridge. If you are feeling adventurous climb the boulders to get close to the falls.

Granuja Falls

A quarter mile up the trail, take a side trip to see the tallest falls in the park, Black Rock Falls. Careful getting close to the falls, as the rocks can be slippery.

Black Rock Falls

Get back on Waterfall loop and hike uphill for your next falls, the picturesque Upper Falls.

Upper Falls

Across from Upper Falls is a mini falls, aptly named Little Falls.

Little Falls

Continue on Waterfall Loop until you see signs to Basin Falls. This is basically Swanson Creek flowing into a pool of water.

Basin Falls

This is the last of the falls on Waterfall Loop. At this point, you can turn back and walk downhill towards the parking lot. If you would like to add more miles, continue on Waterfall Loop trail until it intersects Contour Trail after crossing Swanson Creek. Contour Trail climbs further uphill and takes you through a thick forest. Turn left on Alec Canyon Trail which will bring you back to the parking lot.

Before returning to your car, take a quick deviation along Swanson Creek Trail, which, after a quarter mile, ends at the best falls in the park - Lower Falls. Many an enthusiastic hiker will miss this wonderful falls in a tropical setting, due to its out of the way location.

Lower Falls

Retrace your steps back on Swanson Creek Trail until you reach the parking lot.


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