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Rameshwaram Cafe, Fremont

Updated: Dec 15, 2023

Rameshwaram Cafe is one restaurant in Fremont to AVOID!

Opened in November, 2023, the restaurant is located in the strip mall at the intersection of Decoto Rd and Fremont Blvd in North Fremont. This restaurant uses the name of a very popular restaurant chain in Bangalore. Not affiliated to the original in anyway, it claims to offers “Rameshwaram Cafe style menu”, which is far from the truth. Neither the menu nor the taste is comparable to the original establishment.

I rate this place 1 SolaraStar out of 5, and below is the reason why:

⚠️Service was atrocious! It took more than 45 mins to receive our orders, although the app on which we ordered said 20 minutes. We even had to go remind them of a missed order. Appetizers were brought to the table long after the entrees were served.

⛔️Ambiance was non-existent. The place was very crowded on a Friday evening, probably with clients like us, who were drawn to the restaurant because of the name. The seating was haphazard without efficient use of space, and the restaurant was very noisy and chaotic with kids running around the place.

♻️Food was served on Recyclable plates, but cutlery and tumblers were plastic, and there were no individual trash bins to separate the recyclables from plastic. So what was the point in trying to be environment friendly with just the plates?

👉None of the food we ordered tasted good or fresh, except for Bisi Bele Bath which is the only reason I am giving this restaurant 1 SolaraStar out of 5.


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Here’s what we ordered:

👎Ghee podi idli - Idlis and podi were both saltless. There was no taste of ghee and I suspect it was replaced with oil.

Ghee podi idli

👎Punugulu - made out of the same batter as idli was also saltless, and tasteless.


👎Masala Dosa - taste was tolerable, but the accompaniments were really bad. Green chutney had too much garlic in it and sambar, another flavorless item was too less in quantity.

Masala Dosa - notice the combination of the environment friendly plate and the plastic cups.

👎Ghee Masala Dosa - a far cry from the original in Bangalore.

Mixed reaction on the dosas

👎Combo meal - came with dosa, pongal, vada, upma and sweet. Nothing to write home about.

Combo meal

👍Bisi Bele Bath - extremely flavorful and fresh. But did not come with raita as a side, ala Karnataka style.

Bisi Bele Bath

In summary, this restaurant left a horrible taste in our mouth. Also given the fact that they are duping the customers by using the name of a popular restauarant, I will never go back again.


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