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Parantha House, Pleasanton

Updated: Sep 30, 2023

If you are in the mood for wholesome Punjabi food, then do check out Parantha House in Pleasanton. Located on Pimlico Drive, just off 580, this restaurant dishes up authentic Parathas and other combo meals which will make you come back for more. The dollop of melting butter over the hot parathas was the figurative icing-on-the-cake. Here’s what we ate:

👉Dil-jeet Veg Thali - Simple, but wholesome meal. Everything tasted homemade, without the over-the-top masalas. The thaali came with the day’s special, which were alu-gajar sabji and shahi panner. Chole, rice, raita, 2 rotis and gulab jamun were also part of the meal.

👉Stuffed Tava Kulcha - this was my favorite amongst the 3 parathas we ordered. Flavorful stuffing, with melted butter and chole on the side was a win-win all around.

👉Pakeeza Paneer Paratha and Dabang Dal Parathas were both delicious and hit the spot with the homecooked taste.

👉Vada Pav - this was the only order which wasnt up to mark. I am always in search of a good vada pav, and this definitely didnt scale up to the better ones we have tasted in the Bay Area. There was too much pav and less of the vada. We should have just stuck to a Punjabi appetizer instead.

Do check out this restaurant the next time you are in the area. You wont be disappointed!


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