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Nuema, Quito

I have never given 5 SolaraStars to any restaurant thus far. The first restaurant which I think absolutely deserved this honor, is not anywhere in the US, but in Quito, Ecuador.

🥇Nuema, in Quito, Ecuador, provided us an absolutely amazing experience with their 16 course tasting menu for our wedding anniversary dinner. Rated as one of the top 100 restaurants in the world, and top 50 in Latin America, Neuma did not disappoint.

💯Each dish was beautifully presented and created with freshly picked Ecuadorean and Andean ingredients. 🥗As vegetarians, we were pleasantly surprised by the various innovative food items that were brought to our table and explained with great gusto by our stellar waitress.

🍹The drinks were as exceptional and memorable as the food.

Every single bite of the food, every single sip of the drink was outstanding, if not mindblowing.

👍The service was amazingly fast and efficient, with new place setting for each dish.

Our experience far surpassed our expectations. It is no wonder they are ranked amongst the best in the world. Check out this gem of a place if you have Quito as a destination in your future travel plans.


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