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TV Show Review : Ted Lasso

Apple TV's Ted Lasso has become my new favorite TV show. It is loaded with lovable characters and subtle English humor with a generous sprinkling of cuss words thrown in to keep the audience engrossed all the way. Although a soccer romcom, you dont need to be a fan of soccer to be a fan of the show.

Jason Sudeikis does an excellent job as the protagonist - highly optimistic, insightful, humorous and complex, all at the same time. His character makes a good person out of everyone he comes across while fighting demons from within (revealed at the end of the second season). Each and every character is so hear-warming that you cant help but cheer them on with each episode. The Boss Lady, Rebecca's fashion sense is spot on and you are left wanting for more of her and her beautiful dresses, tresses and long legs. The love triangle of Roy, Jamie and Keeley is hotness overload.

Its no surprise that this show had a windfall at the 2021 Emmys a few days ago, bagging 7 Primetime Emmys, including Best Comedy Series, Best Lead actor, supporting actor and actress. Although only two seasons old, I hope this show keeps going for a few more.

Watch it! You will be hooked right from the first episode!


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