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3 Tips To Ace Your Next Individual Saree Photoshoot

Showcase the saree: Many a times you want to take a photo of yourself to put emphasis on a new saree purchase, or the type of weave of the saree, or the grandeur of the drape. Much of the grandeur or intricate work of the saree lies in the pallu. So display the pallu in such a way that the focus is on it for the picture. Dont pleat your pallu and pin it at your shoulder for those sarees with grand pallu. The beauty of the saree is hidden if you do so for the sake of convenience. Photographing with the pallu falling over your left arm is so 5-years-ago and overdone. Showcase your pallu creatively, as shown in the examples here:

If you dont feel comfortable being in the picture, then you can showcase your saree by spreading it out on a chair as such :

Showcase your blouse:

Many a times, a blouse is what makes or breaks a saree. An ill-fitting blouse or one that does not contrast or match well can bring down the look of a saree, no matter how intricate or expensive the saree may be. So give a well stitched or well designed blouse the limelight it deserves. Here are a few ways to highlight your blouse :

Showcase your Jewelry :

I am a firm believer that no saree ensemble is complete without earrings, bangles and necklace. Sometimes in that 6 yards of cloth, the jewelry gets hidden, or goes unnoticed. Make sure you photograph your jewelry separately. Here are a few photo ideas to showcase your bling :

Hope the above tips help you ace your next saree photoshoot. If you have other suggestions, do drop me a line and I will incorporate it in this blog.


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