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5 Tips To Make Your Next Group Saree Photoshoot "POP"!

Updated: Oct 4, 2021

Here are a few tips on how to have a successful group photoshoot.

1. Saree selection : For a large group, keep sarees simple and uniform. Heavy silks will look very busy and will only create unwanted noise in the picture. I highly recommend staying away from any silk sarees, light or heavy, as the sheen can also be distracting in the pictures. Select sarees that do not have any design/prints, and are plain. If they are all of the same weave, or material, even better. I always suggest this saree on Amazon. There are a number of colors for the group to choose from and they are inexpensive and look colorful in pictures. Chiffon/georgette sarees are also lightweight and flow freely and blow nicely in the breeze. Wear your pallu long and dont give in to convenience and comfort and pleat and pin your pallu at your shoulder.

2. Blouse : Any contrast blouse will add a pop to the saree. And if it has a sexy back, even better!

3. Jewelry : Dont forget your earrings, necklace and bangles, but keep them simple, so they dont draw the eye away from the saree or the group.

4. Poses : If the group is big, breakup into smaller groups for the pictures. Groups can be created with similar attributes, such as saree color. If taking shots of a large group, ensure folks wearing similar colors do not sit/stand close to each other

5. Hair & Makeup - This is based on individual's comfort level, but do not come to a photoshoot with bed hair or dark circles under your eyes :-) There is only so much magic a photographer can do :-)

Hope the above tips help you with your next group photoshoot. If you have other suggestions, do drop me a line and let me know, and I will incorporate it in this blog.


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