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Sareeing While On An Adventure!

Updated: Oct 13, 2021

Ever so often, when the mood strikes, I pack a saree (or two) with me while traveling or while on a hike. Here are a few tips on how to prepare for a saree photoshoot while on an outdoor adventure.

1. Leave your inhibitions behind ! Dont be uncomfortable wearing a saree in a foreign land or in a setting you are not familiar. This was one inhibition I overcame at the very beginning of my sareeing journey, and I made sure my family was ok with it too. I learnt earlier on that the looks strangers gave me were either out of curiosity or admiration, not out of animosity as I had initially feared.

2. Decide your game plan ahead of your trip. Make a mental note of how far the restrooms are from your photoshoot location. If no restrooms are available, be prepared to change in your parked car. When we visited Sintra in Portugal, I checked the map of the Penna Palace on Google to identify a handicap accessible bathroom, so I had enough space to drape my saree.

3. Plan out the color and type of saree. Since it is outdoors, the color of your saree should contrast the place you are trying to showcase in your pictures. Wear colors that will enhance the surroundings and not something where you will blend into it. When I visited Antelope Canyon, I wore white to bring out the orange and red hues of the canyon.

If using a prop, match your saree color to the color of the prop. While visiting Monument Valley in Arizona, I had researched ahead of time and found out there was a red wagon with yellow wheels at the lodge we were staying at, that would make a great photo op. So I packed a yellow saree to contrast the red.

4. The material also matters! That perfect shot of your pallu blowing in the wind is hard to get unless it is a breezy day. And if the wind happens to be in your favor, you dont want to spoil your chance of that perfect shot by wearing a heavy saree . I always recommend a lightweight chiffon or georgette that will fly effortlessly in the wind.

5. What to wear under the saree? On many an outdoor adventure, you will not have the luxury of a restroom to change in. In such cases, I plan my hiking outfit ahead of time. I wear tights and a crop top I bought on Amazon that doubles up as a blouse, underneath my tshirt. I carry pins and the string of a petticoat in my backpack, and when we reach the designated spot, I drape the saree over my tights. Large rocks and trees come in handy as nature's dressing room!

I also wear my hiking boots underneath my saree.

6. Keep everything else to a minimum. Be it jewelry or makeup, it will not be seen, as pictures will be shot via a wide angle lens highlighting the beauty of the outdoors. So dont stress on it. I have taken many pictures with salt deposits from my sweat baked into my skin.

Hope the above tips help you get that perfect shot on your next outdoor adventure. Do drop me a line if you have other suggestions, and I will incorporate it in this blog.


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