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Montara Lighthouse

I have made it my mission to try as many "unique stays" as Airbnb has to offer, so when I came across the opportunity to stay in a lighthouse with a group of fun-loving friends, I knew we had to try it out.

Montara Lighthouse is a functional lighthouse that has multiple guesthouses on the property. Located in Montara, CA, it is about an hours drive from anywhere in the Bay Area. Its proximity made it the perfect location for a weekend getaway. Prior to COVID the lighthouse operated as an hostel. Post-COVID, the hostel has been converted into a private Airbnb. What was unique about Montara Lighthouse is that the public cannot gain access to the lighthouse unless one stays in one of the airbnb accommodation on the property. They have 3 different rental options: a 2-bedroom private suite that sleeps 6 people, a 2-bedroom surfside house that sleeps 12 people, and a 4-bedroom sea lodge that sleeps 16 people.


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We were a group of 14 so we booked the Sea Lodge. Since it was previously a hostel, all of the beds were bunked. Out of the 4 rooms, one contained 2 sets of twin bunks, one contained 3 sets of twin bunks, and the other two had king beds with a twin bunk overhead. There was one bathroom attached to one of the king bedrooms and another bathroom in the hall. The lodge had a kitchen that was fully stocked with all necessary kitchen items (pots, plates, coffee maker, etc), and a common area with a large couch and dining table. The lodge was just enough space for all 14 of us, but it definitely got cramped at times, especially when it came to sharing 2 full bathrooms. However, the best part of the lodge was by far the view.

View from the kitchen area

Dining Area

View of the sunset from the Sea Lodge

The lighthouse and the lodge are located at the edge of a cliff and offer stunning views of the ocean and the coastline. There was a trail next to the lighthouse that led to a private beach with an abundance of pristine shells to collect and sea coves to explore at low tide.

View of the cliffs and the private beach

There were a number of sea caves to explore on the private beach at low tide.

In the mornings, we drank tea and practiced yoga under the lighthouse.

Early morning yoga by the Montara Lighthouse

Enjoying morning tea by the lighthouse on a foggy morning

Just outside the lighthouse property, a trail along the edge of the cliffs ran parallel to the coastline providing spectacular views of the rugged cliffs and the crashing waves. We also went on a long walk along the trail to the Fitzgerald Marine Reserve where we saw sea lions basking in the sun on the beach and a beautiful grove of cypress trees.

Harbor seals sunbathing at Fitzgerald Marine Reserve

Early morning walk through the cypress trees at Fitzgerald Marine Reserve

The lodge was also a short drive away from Pillar Point Beach where some of us rented kayaks while the others chilled on the beach.

Kayaking at Pillar Point Beach

The Airbnb was definitely a unique stay and a wonderful and nearby experience for a large group. The hosts were very kind and accommodating. The views we woke up to were to die for, and we hated leaving at the end of a fun weekend.


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