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5 reasons why you should go see the new James Bond movie

It has all the ingredients of a classic James Bond movie, and at the same time, pulls the brand into the modern era. Read on (no spoilers below) :

1, James Bond has been humanized in this movie. No longer the womanizer we once knew him to be, he is emotional, romantic and vulnerable, thus making him attractive to the women of today. The movie doesnt have the cheesy ending of prior bond flicks with the camera panning away as he beds yet another Bond girl. And thankfully, there is no objectification of women in the entire movie.

2. It was a great decision to "retire" Daniel Craig. Although still hot, his age shows. This, along with "retiring" other regular Bond characters, gives the producers an opening to spin the story any which way they want, ala Marvel franchise. This movie has opened a Pandora box of possibilities for the next installation. Great way to keep the audience engaged with the now fast becoming "Bond Universe".

3. It pays homage to the old James Bond movies. Via the sets, they have made subtle references to Dr.No, You Only Live Twice, etc. There is even a portrait of Dame Judi Dench in one of the scenes, if you watch closely.

4. The title song for all Bond movies is performed by someone famous. This time it is Billie Eilish. And she actually sings, not whispers, but sings the song. We can finally hear her singing abilities in this one. The ending soulful score by Louis Armstrong is a perfect farewell song to Daniel Craig.

5. The scenery, as always, is spectacular. If Norway and rural Italy sees a spike in tourism, it is because of this movie.

Along with all of the above, the movie comes with the usual edge-of-the-seat thrills, gadgetry and fast cars. Watch it. It is the end of an era. And the beginning of a new one.


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