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Vada Pav - The Restaurant

Updated: Sep 30, 2023

Vada Pav is a relatively new (read 5 month old) establishment in Mountain View dishing out Bombay street food. It is a small place serving food in paper and plastic products (absolutely not a fan). Their namesake was sub par, to say the least. The vada was quite bland and I like my pavs lighly toasted, not straight out of the bag.

Vada pav

The second item we tried, Mumbai amul cheese sandwich, made up for the mediocre vada pav. It brought back mouthwatering memories of that one time I visited Jay sandwich near Linking Road in Mumbai.

Amul cheese Mumbai sandwich

The third item, Amul cheese potato frankie was not done well with the fillings unevenly distributed. Eating first a mouthful of raw onions and then a blob of amul cheese followed finally by bland potato filling towards the bottom took my stomach for a spin.

Amul Cheese potato frankie

The final redeeming factor was the shrikhand. It was almost as good as the best one I have had, with the right amount of nuts and sweetness.


All in all this restaurant gets only 2 out of 5 Solara stars, with points taken away for disposable tableware, uninspiring vada pav and frankie which felt more like a prank-ie.


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